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“Letters Found Near a Suicide,” by Frank Horne, from The Poetry of the Negro, 1746-1949

10th October 2014

“Song of the Drunken Business Man,” from Mid-American Chants, by Sherwood Anderson

17th September 2014

“Sociability of the Subconscious,” from The Pursuit of Happiness by Benjamin R. C. Low

27th August 2014

“The Rats in Council,” from Old Saws, Newly Set, by George Linley

21st August 2014

“Mason Street, 11 P. M.,” from A City of Caprice, by Neill Wilson

7th August 2014

“For a Wordfarer,” from Green Armor on Green Ground, by Rolfe Humphries

26th July 2014

“Words for Time,” from New and Selected Poems, by Thomas H. Ferril

2nd July 2014

“Dawn in the City,” from Hesperus, and other poems, by Charles de Kay (1880)

18th June 2014

“Conchology,” by Sarah Hoare

17th June 2014

“Sustenance,” by Robert Bagg

11th June 2014

“Further Document on the Human Brain,” by W. R. Moses

4th June 2014

“Leaves on the Capitol Grass,” by James Dawson

22nd April 2014

“Travelogue in a Shooting Gallery,”by Kenneth Fearing, from Afternoon of a Pawnbroker (1943)

7th April 2014

“A Working Philosophy,” from Blind Children, by Israel Zangwill

31st January 2014

“The Question,” from The Music, by Helen Wolfert (1963)

21st January 2014

“To My Books,” by Henry Vaughan, from The Sacred Poems and Private Ejaculations of Henry Vaughan (1856)

11th December 2013

“Imperfection,” by Nathalia Crane, from Swear By Night and Other Poems (1936)

5th December 2013

“The Connoisseur,” by Nobody, from Poems, consisting of Tales, Fables, Epigrams, etc., etc. (1770)

25th November 2013

“The Beerdrinker’s Song,” by James Henry, M. D., from Poems (1856)

20th November 2013

“Cracked Record Blues,”by Kenneth Fearing, from Afternoon of a Pawnbroker (1943)

12th November 2013

“Tornado,” by Jack Hirschman, from A Correspondence of Americans (1960)

23rd October 2013

“Son of Vermont,” from The Collected Poetry of Francesca Falk Miller (1956)

15th October 2013

“Hartford,” from Wedge of Words: Poems, by Frederic Will (1962)

8th October 2013

“Dog in a Car,” from A Star by Day, by David McCord (1950)

1st October 2013

“Song,” from Poems, by Bessie Rayner Belloc (1852)

27th September 2013

“Written on Seeing the Bodies of Two Beautiful Women, Cast Away Near Milford,” from Poems, Now First Collected, by Chandos Leigh (1839)

22nd September 2013

“The Funerals,” from Poems, by Seumas O’Sullivan (1912)

20th September 2013

“Lines on a Swing,” from The Casket; or, Original and Selected Poetry, an anthology from 1826

18th September 2013

“Love,” from Selected Poetry, by Phineas Fletcher (1582-1650)

12th September 2013

“Nine O’Clock Show,” from Poems, 1930-1960, by Josephine Miles (1960)

5th September 2013