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Endless River, by Felix Riesenberg

2nd December 2012

Around the World with Reader Recommendations

18th November 2012

Suicides, from Living Again: An Autobiography, by Felix Riesenberg

10th November 2012

The Man Who Carved Women from Wood, by Max White

7th November 2012

Living Again: An Autobiography, by Felix Riesenberg

4th November 2012

In Search of In Search of Myself, by Hans Natonek

3rd November 2012

The Innocents at Cedro: A Memoir of Thorstein Veblen and Some Others, by R. L. Duffus

1st November 2012

Everybody has to burn his own hand, from The Impenitent Midge, by Vladimir Krymov

2nd October 2012

Burton Rascoe on Neglected Books, from The American Mercury, August 1940

30th September 2012

Gems from the Internet Archives, courtesy of the University of Florida

23rd September 2012

Lilly’s Story, by Ethel Wilson

11th September 2012

Personal Pleasures, by Rose Macaulay

9th September 2012

Joseph Weiner recommends Mary Lee Settle’s “O Beulah Land” Quintet

4th September 2012

Michael Dirda on “Out of Print” books

4th September 2012

Alexander Saxton, historian and novelist, dies at age 93

2nd September 2012

Events Leading Up to the Comedy, by Elliott Nugent

2nd September 2012

There’s One in Every Town, by James Aswell

28th August 2012

P. A. L., by Felix Riesenberg

26th August 2012

Presidents Who Have Known Me, by George E. Allen

17th August 2012

A Sunset Touch, by Moira Pearce

8th August 2012

The Inside Story of an Outsider, by Franz Schoenberner

4th August 2012

Breaking Up, by W. H. Manville

30th July 2012

The Patriot, by Harold Bienvenu

24th July 2012

Ads from the Saturday Review of Literature

23rd July 2012

Keeper of the Flame, by I. A. R. Wylie

23rd July 2012

Crack of Doom

13th July 2012

Walter Mehring

12th July 2012

Herbert Clyde Lewis’ Gentleman Overboard Reissued–in Spanish

8th July 2012

Americans in Glasshouses, by Leslie James

2nd July 2012

“The Pearls of Publishing,” from the Saturday Review

21st June 2012

James Agate on Emil Ludwig’s Beethoven: The Life of a Conqueror

3rd June 2012

A Dream of Treason, by Maurice Edelman

2nd June 2012

The Red Monarch, by Yuri Krotkov

29th May 2012

My Life with George: An Unconventional Autobiography, by I. A. R. Wylie

27th May 2012

Uncover a Classic in Hesperus Press’ Competition

13th May 2012

Log Book, by Frank Laskier

18th March 2012

The First Bus Out, by Eugene Löhrke

4th March 2012

My Life: or the Adventures of Geo. Thompson by George Thompson

1st March 2012

Invasion, by Maxence van der Meersch

26th February 2012

Quin’s Shanghai Circus, by Edward Whittemore

19th February 2012

Young Woman of 1914, by Arnold Zweig

29th January 2012

The Bachelors, by Henri de Montherlant

21st January 2012

New site with podcasts on obscure books and writers: Why I Really Like This Book

19th January 2012

Death Sty: A Pig’s Tale, by Raymond Cousse

8th January 2012

Fortunata and Jacinta, by Benito Perez Galdos: The Greatest Novel You’ve Never Heard of

2nd January 2012