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At the Green Goose, by D. B. Wyndham Lewis

13th December 2013

“To My Books,” by Henry Vaughan, from The Sacred Poems and Private Ejaculations of Henry Vaughan (1856)

11th December 2013

A Cargo of Parrots, by R. Hernekin Baptist (pseudonym of Ethelreda Lewis)

6th December 2013

“Imperfection,” by Nathalia Crane, from Swear By Night and Other Poems (1936)

5th December 2013

“The Connoisseur,” by Nobody, from Poems, consisting of Tales, Fables, Epigrams, etc., etc. (1770)

25th November 2013

The Big Drag, by Mel Heimer

24th November 2013

“The Beerdrinker’s Song,” by James Henry, M. D., from Poems (1856)

20th November 2013

Miles Gibson, Harold T. P. Hayes and other Reader Recommendations

17th November 2013

“Cracked Record Blues,”by Kenneth Fearing, from Afternoon of a Pawnbroker (1943)

12th November 2013

The Bitter Season, by Robert M. Coates

11th November 2013

The Young Person’s Complete Guide to Crime, by C. G. L. Du Cann

24th October 2013

“Tornado,” by Jack Hirschman, from A Correspondence of Americans (1960)

23rd October 2013

“Son of Vermont,” from The Collected Poetry of Francesca Falk Miller (1956)

15th October 2013

“Hartford,” from Wedge of Words: Poems, by Frederic Will (1962)

8th October 2013

James Agate, Diarist

6th October 2013

“Dog in a Car,” from A Star by Day, by David McCord (1950)

1st October 2013

Ira Wallach, parodist

29th September 2013

“Song,” from Poems, by Bessie Rayner Belloc (1852)

27th September 2013

“Written on Seeing the Bodies of Two Beautiful Women, Cast Away Near Milford,” from Poems, Now First Collected, by Chandos Leigh (1839)

22nd September 2013

“The Funerals,” from Poems, by Seumas O’Sullivan (1912)

20th September 2013

“Lines on a Swing,” from The Casket; or, Original and Selected Poetry, an anthology from 1826

18th September 2013

The Toady’s Handbook, by William Murrell

15th September 2013

“Love,” from Selected Poetry, by Phineas Fletcher (1582-1650)

12th September 2013

“Nine O’Clock Show,” from Poems, 1930-1960, by Josephine Miles (1960)

5th September 2013

Altars of the Heart, by Richard Lebherz

4th September 2013

Agnes Repplier, Essayist

1st September 2013

Sunwise Turn: A Human Comedy of Bookselling, by Madge Jemison

20th August 2013

Plus, by Joseph McElroy

16th August 2013

The Cook, by Harry Kressing

3rd August 2013

Purloining Tiny, by John Franklin Bardin

28th July 2013

A Game of Ping Pong, from The Second Miracle by Peter Greave

28th July 2013

Lord Bellinger: An Autobiography, by Harry Graham

22nd July 2013

Classic Covers from Claude Kendall Books

14th July 2013

Video feature on Herbert Clyde Lewis, a neglected writer long overdue for rediscovery

14th July 2013

A Round-up of Reader Recommendations: Arthur Rex, The Rack and Lindsay Gutteridge’s shrunken trilogy

23rd June 2013

Outside Lies Magic: Regaining History and Awareness in Everyday Places, by John R. Stilgoe

16th June 2013

The Persians Are Coming, by Bruno Frank

15th June 2013

Recommendations from Matthew Neill Null: Andre Malraux, Mark Costello, and Henry C. Kittredge

12th June 2013

Hizzoner the Mayor, by Joel Sayre

9th June 2013

On Doing What One Likes, from On Doing What One Likes, by Alec Waugh

2nd June 2013

The Passing of Pengelley, from Blow the Man Down! A Yankee Seaman’s Adventures Under Sail, by James H. Williams

22nd May 2013

Blow the Man Down! A Yankee Seaman’s Adventures Under Sail, by James H. Williams

20th May 2013

Red Horses, by Felix Riesenberg: A re-write of his first novel, P. A. L.

12th May 2013

The Prisoners, by Orhan Kemal

6th May 2013

New page added to Sources: Recommendations from Phillip Routh (not Roth)

5th May 2013

Michele Slung recommends The Years That Were Fat: Peking 1933-1940, by George N. Kates

1st May 2013

The Second Miracle, by Peter Greave

20th April 2013

Aunt Bébé and the Count, from Aston Kings, by Humphrey Pakington

7th April 2013

Kingdom on Earth, by Anne Brooks

1st April 2013

Video Feature on Five Neglected Memoirs

29th March 2013

New discoveries in this foreign country of illness, from You Still Have Your Head, by Franz Schoenberner

23rd March 2013

Humphrey Pakington

17th March 2013

The Great Green, by Calvin Kentfield

9th March 2013

Little Apple, by Leo Perutz

3rd March 2013

Charley Smith’s Girl, by Helen Bevington

24th February 2013

Charley’s death, from Charley Smith’s Girl, by Helen Bevington

22nd February 2013

The House was Quiet and the World was Calm, by Helen Bevington

11th February 2013

When Found, Make a Verse of, by Helen Bevington

3rd February 2013

A Book and A Love Affair, by Helen Bevington

27th January 2013

Invisible Ink: Christopher Fowler on Forgotten Writers

27th January 2013

Human Landscapes from My Country, by Nazim Hikmet

12th January 2013

Passing Strangers, by Felix Riesenberg

4th January 2013

The Court of Charles IV, by Benito Pérez Galdós

2nd January 2013