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Enter, Sleeping, also published as The Sleepwalkers, by David Karp (1960)

14th December 2014

Extreme Reading: Phyllis Rose’s The Shelf (2014)

11th December 2014

“The Unhappy Few,” by Thomas McAfee, from Poems and Stories

5th December 2014

Imperial City, by Elmer Rice (1937)

30th November 2014

“Cadillac Square: 1933,” by John Malcolm Brinnin, from Selected Poems

30th November 2014

“Elegy Before the Time,” by William Dickey, from The Interpreter’s House

25th November 2014

The Authentic Death of Hendry Jones, by Charles Neider (1956)

23rd November 2014

“The Drought,” by Edwin Ford Piper, from Barbed Wire and other poems

18th November 2014

A Sample of Lost Sixties Fiction

14th November 2014

“For Instance,” by Robert McAlmon, from The Best Poems Of 1926

11th November 2014

Sweet Adversity, by Donald Newlove (1978)

9th November 2014

The Glory is Departed (The Standard), by Alexander Lernet-Holenia (1936)

6th November 2014

“A Lilt,” from Cobblestones: A Book of Poems, by David Sentner

5th November 2014

Wright Morris

1st November 2014

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Proposal for Scribner’s Library

17th October 2014

Appreciation: Painting, Poetry and Prose, by Leo Stein (1947)

12th October 2014

“Letters Found Near a Suicide,” by Frank Horne, from The Poetry of the Negro, 1746-1949

10th October 2014

Jay Jennings recommends the works of Gilbert Rogin

3rd October 2014

My Sister’s Keeper, by R. V. Cassill (1960)

21st September 2014

“Song of the Drunken Business Man,” from Mid-American Chants, by Sherwood Anderson

17th September 2014

The Old Indispensables: a Romance of Whitehall, by Edward Shanks

13th September 2014

Little Dog Lost, by Tiffany Thayer (1938)

7th September 2014

The Spirit of the Bayonet, from The Short-Timers, by Gustav Hasford

3rd September 2014

The Lent Jewels, by David Hughes (2002)

31st August 2014

“Sociability of the Subconscious,” from The Pursuit of Happiness by Benjamin R. C. Low

27th August 2014

Left Bank of Desire, by R. V. Cassill (1955)

24th August 2014

“The Rats in Council,” from Old Saws, Newly Set, by George Linley

21st August 2014

Complete Cheerful Cherub, by Rebecca McCann (1932)

19th August 2014

Largo by the Sea (A Prologue), from Varmints, by Peggy Bennett (1947)

15th August 2014

Night School, by R. V. Cassill (1961)

11th August 2014

“Mason Street, 11 P. M.,” from A City of Caprice, by Neill Wilson

7th August 2014

The Pork Butcher, by David Hughes (1984)

3rd August 2014

Lady with a Pretzel, from Celibate at Twilight, by John Mosher (1940)

30th July 2014

“For a Wordfarer,” from Green Armor on Green Ground, by Rolfe Humphries

26th July 2014

He Feeds the Birds, by Terence Ford (1950)

22nd July 2014

Venice, California, 1950s, from The Slide Area by Gavin Lambert

18th July 2014

Informed Sources: Day East Received, by Willard S. Bain (1967)

14th July 2014

The Drunk, the Damned and the Bedevilled, by Terence Ford

10th July 2014

It Was Like This, by Anne Goodwin Winslow (1949)

7th July 2014

In the Land of Pain, by Alphonse Daudet, translated by Julian Barnes (2002)

4th July 2014

“Words for Time,” from New and Selected Poems, by Thomas H. Ferril

2nd July 2014

Breaking Point, by Jacob Presser (1958)

29th June 2014

The Major, by David Hughes (1964)

22nd June 2014

“Dawn in the City,” from Hesperus, and other poems, by Charles de Kay (1880)

18th June 2014

“Conchology,” by Sarah Hoare

17th June 2014

The Wife Next Door, by R. V. Cassill (1959)

15th June 2014

The Revelations of Dr. Modesto, by Alan Harrington (1955)

14th June 2014

“Sustenance,” by Robert Bagg

11th June 2014

Lustful Summer (1958), by R. V. Cassill

5th June 2014

“Further Document on the Human Brain,” by W. R. Moses

4th June 2014

Dormitory Women, by R. V. Cassill (1954)

1st June 2014

Ferment, by John T. McIntyre (1937)

17th May 2014

“10 overlooked novels: how many have you read?,” from the Guardian, 6 May 2014

13th May 2014

Romer Wilson, Mexican Interlude, The Game

11th May 2014

Steps Going Down, by John T. McIntyre (1936)

10th May 2014

Read anything, from Post meridiana: Afternoon Essays, by Sir Herbert Maxwell (1895)

8th May 2014

Erasmus of Rotterdam, by Stefan Zweig

1st May 2014

A Taste of Sin, by R. V. Cassill (1955)

27th April 2014

“Leaves on the Capitol Grass,” by James Dawson

22nd April 2014

The Hungering Shame, by R. V. Cassill

20th April 2014

Ginx’s Baby and Little Hodges, by Edward Jenkins

14th April 2014

The Brigadier General Bar, from Naked Morning, by R. V. Cassill

9th April 2014

“Travelogue in a Shooting Gallery,”by Kenneth Fearing, from Afternoon of a Pawnbroker (1943)

7th April 2014

Ambrosia and Small Beer, arranged by Christopher Hassall

4th April 2014

Naked Morning, by R. V. Cassill

30th March 2014

The Fortress by the Sea, from Gog, by Giovanni Papini

29th March 2014

Gog, by Giovanni Papini

27th March 2014

On the beach at Cark, from Broken Images: A Journal, by John Guest

25th March 2014

Broken Images: A Journal, by John Guest

23rd March 2014

The People Immortal, by Vasily Grossman

14th March 2014

The Wound of Love, by R. V. Cassill

9th March 2014

Resurrecting Lost Words, from The Simmons Papers, by Philipp Blom

5th March 2014

The Simmons Papers, by Philipp Blom

2nd March 2014

Cousin Bettina, from The Dwelling Place, by Anne Goodwin Winslow

25th February 2014

The Dwelling Place, by Anne Goodwin Winslow

23rd February 2014

The Conquest of Rome, by Matilde Serao

16th February 2014

The Blackstone Hotel, from Appendix A, by Hayden Carruth

11th February 2014

Appendix A, by Hayden Carruth

9th February 2014

“A Working Philosophy,” from Blind Children, by Israel Zangwill

31st January 2014

Philosopher’s Holiday, by Irwin Edman

25th January 2014

“The Question,” from The Music, by Helen Wolfert (1963)

21st January 2014

Time Stood Still: My Internment in England 1914-1918, by Paul Cohen-Portheim

19th January 2014

Married Men, by Ira Wolfert

6th January 2014

In Search of Myself, by Hans Natonek

3rd January 2014