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In Time Bites, a 2004 collection of book reviews and essays — her first published collection of criticism — Doris Lessing discusses a good number of neglected books: by my count,easily a third of the titles covered qualify.

A list of these books and excerpts from her comments can now be found at the following new Sources page:

Doris Lessing

Lessing has often been a champion for lesser-known writers and their works. If one were to cull through the rest of Lessing’s criticism, I’m sure several dozen more titles could be collected.


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  1. What an interesting website! I’m glad I found it. A wonderful idea to highlight “neglected” books. I am certain to find many to add to my ever-growing TBR! I recently bought Lessing’s book at the used bookstore. I need to read through it and see what gems I can find.

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