New page added to Sources: Recommendations from Phillip Routh (not Roth)


Phillip Routh, whose blog, How Jack London Changed My Life, chronicles his prolific and eclectic reading, contacted me recently with a couple of recommendations–Gontran de Poncin’s memoir, Father Sets the Pace (“a withering biography of a supremely selfish man”), and Valery Larbaud’s short 1911 novel, Fermina Márquez. Knowing the breadth of his taste, I invited him to provide a longer list of recommendations to be included among the Sources on this site.

A few days later, he posted a list of ten titles with his comments, along with additional recommendations for most of the writers. “I had difficulty in selecting ten books, because so many were jostling for inclusion,” he wrote. I’ve just uploaded it to the site: you can read it now: Recommendations from Phillip Routh.

Thanks for your contributions, Phillip!

1 thought on “New page added to Sources: Recommendations from Phillip Routh (not Roth)

  1. Yes, an incredible reader is Mr. Routh as well as a very good writer. His tastes have often shaped my readings as I discovered some prize never imagined, probably would never have been discovered without his assistance. His pages on the Blogspot are wonderful readings on their own. Glad to see him celebrated here.

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