Errol Flynn has B. O., from The Big Love, by Mrs. Florence Aadland (as told to Tedd Thomey)

Photo of actor Errol Flynn with Bevery Aadland

Errol was exceptionally tidy in his personal habits. Sometimes he shaved twice a day and) he took constant showers. But one day Beverly said to me: “Mama, isn’t it strange? He doesn’t use anything under his arms. You’d think a man who’s been around as much as Errol would know about a little thing like that, wouldn’t you?”

I certainly agreed. He Wasn’t offensive—far from it. But it proved to me once again that those women he’d run around with for years—all those top sex charmers—were a bunch of dummies in some departments. You’d think one of them might have gotten around to giving Errol the message. But not one of them knew how to tell him.

With Beverly herself it was simply no problem. She was such a sweet person she didn’t need an underarm deodorant, but she used one just to be safe. One night when she and Errol were preparing to go somewhere in New York, she suddenly brought up the subject. It was always her way to be quite frank with him.

“Errol,” she said, “why don’t you use Mennen’s under the arms, or something like that?”

He took it as quite an insult. He had been shaving, and he turned away from the washbowl and gave her a hurt look.

“Well,” he said, sarcastically, “I’ve always considered myself a fairly clean man.”

“But why not use one? ” said Beverly. Her persistence made him a little angry.

“Damn it,” he said. “Who uses that stuff anyway? Besides, how come you know so much about what men are supposed to put on?” He looked at her half-suspiciously, half-jokingly. “I thought you were supposed to be a virgin before you met me. So how come you know all about this? Who told you?”

“My father!” snapped Beverly. “That’s who! He’s the cleanest man that ever was. He always asks me to give him Mennen toilet water for Christmas!”

Errol laughed and finished shaving. He didn’t say anything more about it then, but not long after that he started using a deodorant.

FromThe Big Love, by Mrs. Florence Aadland (as told to Tedd Thomey)
New York: Lancer Books, 1960

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