Graywolf Press

Graywolf Press published a series of books under its “Graywolf Rediscovery Series” mark between 1996 and 2002.

Although the series appears now to be out of print, the following titles can still be purchased at

· Beyond the Bedroom Wall: A Family Album, by Larry Woiwode

A multi-generational saga about a North Dakota family.

· Kabloona, by Gontran De Poncins

Also found on the Time Reading Program list, a fascinating account by a Frenchman who went to live with the Inuit Eskimos in the late 1930s.

· Dream House: A Memoir, by Charlotte Nekola

A memoir about the extreme angst found behind the placid surface of a Midwestern middle-class family in the 1950s.

· A Song of Love and Death: The Meaning of Opera, by Peter Conrad

A personal and persuasive introduction to opera by a critic and life-long fan.

· Dead Languages, by David Shields

A somewhat controversial novel about the childhood of a deaf boy.

· Places in the World a Woman Could Walk, by Janet Kauffman

A short-story collection by a poet and farm-wife.

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