Complete Review

The Complete Review’s Most Underappreciated Books


Mischief, Chris Wilson
        Brilliant fun, but (like almost all his work) lost out of print

The works of Ahmadou Kourouma
        An important and interesting author, many of whose works are available, yet in the English-speaking world he is hardly noticed

The Life and Adventures of Trobadora Beatrice as Chronicled by her Minstrel, Laura Irmtraud Morgner
        A modern classic, mixing politics and fantasy, one of the most impressive novels published in the 1970s, finally available in English more than 25 years after it first appeared

Loving Sabotage, Amélie Nothomb
        This much-praised (by the complete review, and abroad) and very fine novel is finally available in English, and has ridiculously received practically no critical (or other) notice

Complete Works & Other Stories, Augusto Monterroso
        Brilliant stuff by a brilliant writer, and the only collection of his work currently in print in English

Stories of Mr. Keuner, Bertolt Brecht
        Finally available in English, and yet hardly anyone even notices

Quantum Dialogue, Mara Beller
        Clever, fascinating stuff, very well presented

A Short Rhetoric for Leaving the Family, Peter Dimock
        A small little novel, worthy of more attention

Honk if you love Aphrodite, Daniel Evan Weiss
        Clever and fun modern American fiction, ignored by every major (and almost all minor) review outlets

Death and the Dervish, Mesa Selimovic
        The internationally acclaimed book has not made much of an impact in its long-awaited English translation

The Anathemata, David Jones
        Hailed in its time, praised by T.S.Eliot and Auden, but apparently unfashionable nowadays

The School for Atheists, Arno Schmidt
        Fascinating stuff–yet critically ignored

Bedlam Burning, Geoff Nicholson
        His most recent title, and one of his best, but limited coverage and publicity

The works of Patrick White
        The great Nobel laureate is one of the major English-language writers of the second half of the 20th century, and yet his work is fading out of print, with hardly anything still available

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