Second Chance Press

The Atom Station, Halldor Laxness
A Buried Land, Madison Jones
The Chaleur Network, Richard Stern
China: An Uncensored Look, Julian Schuman
City of Discontent, Mark Harris
Colonel Effingham’s Raid, Berry Fleming
Contours of Darkness, Marco Vassi
A Country Wedding, Berry Fleming
The Curse of the Montrolfes, Rohan O’Grady
The End of It, Mitchell Goodman
Entering Ephesus, Daphne Athas
Field, Dola Dejong
Fritz, Martin Shepard
The Gesture, John Cooper Cobb
Gulf Stream North, Earl Conrad
Hermanos!, William Herrick
The History of Rome Hanks, Joseph Stanley Pennell
The Intinerant, William Herrick
Killing Everybody, Mark Harris
The Last to Die, William Herrick
The Lost Skiff, Donald Wetzel (pseudonym of Mark Harris)
Love in Atlantis, Bonnie Barrett
Lovers Living, Lovers Dead , Richard Lortz
Lucinderella, Berry Fleming
The Make Believers, Berry Fleming
Melov’s Legacy, Sam Ross
Mr. Right, Carolyn Banks
The Parallax View, Loren Singer
The Rain and the Fire and the Will of God, Donald Wetzel (pseudonym of Mark Harris)
The Regulators, William Degenhard
Rome Hanks on Kindred Matters, Joseph Pennel Stanley
The Satyr, Robert Demaria
Siesta, Berry Fleming
So Many Heroes, Alan Levy
The Sorcerer, Anne E. Crompton
A Studied Madness, Heywood Hale Broun
Surviving the Flood, Stephen Minot
Tatoo the Wicked Cross, Floyd Salas
To the Marketplace, Berry Fleming
The Valdepenas, Richard Lortz
The Wars of Love, Mark Schorer
The Winter Rider, Berry Fleming
The Zeal of the Convert: the Life of Erskine Childers, Burke Wilkinson