American Scholar 1970

“Comments on Neglected Books of the Past 25 Years,” published in American Scholar, Spring 1970 (follow-up letters in Summer 1970 issue)

Fifteen years after its first feature on neglected books, The American Scholar marked its first issue of the 1970s by asking “a number of distinguished men and women to name that book published in the last quarter of a century that they believed to have been the most undeservedly neglected.”




Aleck Maury, Sportsman, Caroline Gordonselected by Peter Taylor
Attitudes Toward History, Kenneth Burkeselected by Herbert J. Muller
The Autobiography of Lincoln Steffens, Lincoln Steffensselected by John R. Silber
The Awakening, Kate Chopinselected by Stanley Kauffmann
The Awakening Land (Trees, Fields, Town), Conrad Richterselected by Carlos Baker
Biology and Man, George Gaylord Simpsonselected by George Gaylord Simpson
The Blind Owl, Sadegh Hedayatselected by
Blood from the Sky, Piotr Rawiczselected by Stanley Kauffmann
The Boatman, Jay Mcphersonselected by Harold Bloom
A Canticle for Leibowitz, Walter M. Miller, Jr.selected by Harry Levin
Capitalism and the Historians, T.S. Ashton et al.selected by Leo Rosten
Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy, Joseph Schumpeterselected by Leo Rosten
The Choir Invisible, Marianne Hauserselected by Anais Nin
Class, Caste, and Race, Oliver C. Coxselected by Kenneth B. Clark
Cold–The Record of an Antartic Sledge Journey, Laurence Gouldselected by Paul B. Sears
Cosmicomics, Italo Calvinoselected by Dwight Macdonald
Crossroads, James McConkeyselected by Joyce Carol Oates
Dark Dominions, Marianne Hauserselected by Anais Nin
The Defense of Gracchus Babeuf before the High Court of Vendome, Francois Noel Babeufselected by Anthony Hecht
The Displaced Person’s Almanac, John Pairman Brownselected by Marston Bates
Divided Loyalties, Janet Teissier du Crosselected by Robert Motherwell
The Encounter, Crawford Powersselected by James Dickey
The Ethics of Redistribution, Bertrand de Jouvenelselected by Nathan Glazer
Fact of Crystal, Abbie Huston Evansselected by Louis Bogan
A Free and Responsible Press: Report of the Commission on Freedom of the Press, Commission on Freedom of the Pressselected by Harry S. Ashmore
French Ecclesiastical Society Under the Ancien Regime: A Study of Angers in the Eighteenth Century, selected by Peter Gay
Futility, William Gerhardieselected by C.P. Snow
Gates of Hell, Calder Willinghamselected by Tom Wolfe
The Ghost and Flesh, William Goyenselected by Anais Nin
God Speaks, Charles Peguyselected by Michael Novak
The Hands of Esau, Hiram Haydnselected by Anais Nin
A Harlot’s Hire, Allen Grossmanselected by Harold Bloom
A Haunted Woman, Sanford Friedmanselected by Mark Strand
The Hedgehog and the Fox, Isaiah Berlinselected by Erwin D. Canham
Historical Consciousness, John Lukacsselected by Jacques Barzun
The Home Place, Wright Morrisselected by Martin E. Marty
Homo Ludens, Johan Huizingaselected by Harvey Cox
A House in Bryanstone Square, Algernon Cecilselected by G. B. Harrison
The House of Breath, William Goyenselected by Anais Nin
Human Action, Ludwig von Misesselected by L. Stanford Altpeter
The Image of the Future, Fred Polakselected by Kenneth Boulding
In a Farther Country, William Goyenselected by Anais Nin
In Solitary Witness: The Life and Death of Franz Jagerstatter, Gordon Zahnselected by Theodore Roszak
Last and First Men, Olaf Stapledonselected by Susan Sontag
The Last of the Just, Andre Schwartz-Bartselected by Henry A. Murray
Le Probleme de L’incroyance au XVIe Siecle, Lucien Febvreselected by Daniel Bell
A Lesson in Music, Marianne Hauserselected by Anais Nin
The Long Old Road, Horace Claytonselected by David Riesman
Loquitur, Basil Buntingselected by John Fowles
Madame Solario, Anonymous (Constance Huntington)selected by Mary Renault
Man and Boy, Wright Morrisselected by Kenneth S. Lynn
Many Mansions, Isabel Boltonselected by Babette Deutsch
The Maurizius Case, Jakob Wassermannselected by Robert Brustein
Miss MacIntosh, My Darling, Marguerite Youngselected by R. Gordon Holcombe
Mojo Hand, Jane Phillipsselected by Nat Hentoff
The Nature of Sympathy, Max Schelerselected by Robert Coles
New Science, Vicoselected by Norman O. Brown
On Not Being Able to Paint, Joanna Field (pseudonym of Marion Milner)selected by Robert Motherwell
On the Marble Cliffs, Ernst Jungerselected by W.S. Merwin
The Ordeal of the Animals, Mel Morseselected by Joseph Wood Krutch
The Origins of European Thought, Richard Broxton Oniansselected by Norman O. Brown
The Perception of the Visual World, J.J. Gibsonselected by Susanne K. Langer
The Polyglots, William Gerhardieselected by C.P. Snow
Prater Violet, Christopher Isherwoodselected by Brian Glanville
Preambles and Other Poems, Alvin Feinmanselected by Harold Bloom
Prison Notes, Barbara Demingselected by Dwight Macdonald
The Problem of Boston, Martin Greenselected by Irving Kristol
The Progress of Stories, Laura Ridingselected by Susan Sontag
Reason and Nature, Morris Raphael Cohenselected by John Herman Randall, Jr.
The Relevance of Physics, Stanley L. Jakiselected by L. Stanford Altpeter
Rhymes of a Pfc, Lincoln Kirsteinselected by W.H. Auden
Richer by Asia, Edmund Fullerselected by Time
Selected Poems, A.R. Ammondsselected by Harold Bloom
The Sexual Cycle of Human Warfare, Major Norman Walterselected by Anthony Burgess
Something of a Hero, I.J. Kapsteinselected by J.H. Plumb
Sufis, Idries Shahselected by Doris Lessing
Taos, Irwin R. Blackerselected by L. Stanford Altpeter
Two Serious Ladies, Jane Bowlesselected by Ned Rorem
Was ist richtiges Sehen mit Umkehrbrillen und in welchem Sinne stellt sich das Sehen um? (What is right seeing with inverting spectacles and in what sense is sight reinverted?), Psychologia Universalis Vol. 5, Verlag Anton Hain K.G. Meisenheim am Glanselected by Michael Polanyi

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