Prion Lost Treasures

Prion Lost Treasures

Issued by the now-defunct Prion Books, Ltd., Prion Lost Treasures was an intriguing series of reissues, ranging from works of military history to three novels by the Hungarian writer, Lajos Zilahy, to Burgo Partridge’s A History of Orgies. Although Prion has been taken over by Carlton Books, many of the titles are still available from Amazon and other booksellers.

The Atrocities of the Pirates, Aaron Smith
The Bourbons of Naples (1734-1825), Harold Acton
Byron: the Last Journey, Harold Nicholson
The Case of Sergeant Grischa, Arnold Zweig
Century in Scarlet, Lajos Zilahy
The Dilessi Murders: Greek Brigands and English Hostages, Romily Jenkins
Disraeli, Robert Blake
Doom, William Gerhardie
The Dukays, Lajos Zilahy
Dylan Thomas in America, John Malcolm Brinnin
A History of Orgies, Burgo Partridge
Kabul Catastrophe: the Invasion and Retreat, 1839-1842, Patrick Macrory
A King’s Story: the Memoirs of HRH the Duke of Windsor, HRH the Duke of Windsor
The Marne: the Battle that Saved Paris and Changed the Course of the First World War, Georges Blond
The Marquise of Montrose, John Buchan
Memoirs of the Duc de Saint-Simon, edited by Lucy Norton
Mozart, Annette Kolb
Napoleon and His Marshals, A.G. Macdonnell
Napoleon’s Letters, edited by J.M. Thompson
Notes of Conversations with the Duke of Wellington 1831-1851, Earl of Stanhope
Poets in a Landscape, Gilbert Highet
The River War, Winston Churchill
Sardinian Brigade, Emilio Lussu
Two Prisoners, Lajos Zilahy
Verdun, Jules Romains
With Lawrence in Arabia, Lowell Thomas

2 thoughts on “Prion Lost Treasures

  1. The River War
    Winston Churchill’s first hand account of the conquest of the Sudan.
    I recovered this gem from a pile of books, about to be burnt..!
    WC knows how to capture the reader, with his full and detailed description of all the peoples involved.
    It had to read it twice.
    Now it stands proudly, with my other fine but small collection of books.

  2. I should know about A History of Orgies by Burgo Partridge, as I was the one who suggested it to Prion for a reprint! How about Lilian Bowes Lyon, author and poet, cousin to the late Queen Mother, of whom there is a biography in the pipeline. Her entire backlist is out of print, most of which is held by Jonathan Cape, now part of Penguin Random House. Most of it is poetry, and her admirers included Edith Sitwell, Philip Larkin, Cecil Day Lewis, Virginia Woolf and E M Forster. If you want to clue yourself up on her life and works, check out my little article, it’s somewhere on the web, called Saint and Scarecrow. As she died in 1949, her work is soon to be out of copyright, so I’m sure some enterprising publisher will rush her work out to coincide with the biography.

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