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D. G. Myers recommends Perry Miller’s “The Raven and the Whale”

20th December 2008

Neglected No More: Richard Yates’ Revolutionary Road

20th December 2008

Mary Astor, Author

14th December 2008

Tributes to Two Neglected Gay Writers: George Baxt and Irving Rosenthal

8th December 2008

Two Recommendations from Kevin Michael Derby

8th December 2008

Khufu’s Wisdom, by Naguib Mahfouz

7th December 2008

A Time for Paris, by George Goodman

7th December 2008

The Age of Reason, by Harold Nicolson

28th October 2008

Jane White

22nd October 2008

UW Press to Reissue “Two Kinds of Time”–Forgotten Classic China Travel Book

22nd October 2008

Nobel Committee Salutes Neglected Books

11th October 2008

Atlantic Crossing, by G. Wilson Knight

28th September 2008

William Blake in This World, by Harold Bruce

28th September 2008

If Everybody Did, by Jo Ann Stover

26th September 2008

Harper Perennial reissue of “The Moonflower Vine” by Jetta Carleton Confirmed

24th September 2008

The Problem of Kenneth S. Davis

24th September 2008

Happy Moscow, by Andrey Platonov

14th September 2008

Neglected Books and Movie Tie-ins

10th September 2008

What People Said, by William L. White

6th September 2008

The Horrors of Love, by Jean Dutuord

4th September 2008

The Actor’s Life: Journals 1956-1976, by Charlton Heston

4th September 2008

Old Street Books publishes Max Blecher’s “Scarred Hearts”

1st September 2008

Looking for reader recommendations: Great city novels

28th August 2008

Terry Teachout on Angus Wilson’s Anglo-Saxon Attitudes

28th August 2008

Catching Up

22nd August 2008

Across Paris, by Marcel Aymé

9th August 2008

Afterwords on a few neglected books, from BookSlut

4th August 2008

The Right to Heresy: Castellio Against Calvin, by Stefan Zweig

26th July 2008

Amazon’s Kindle brings a few neglected books back to e-life

22nd July 2008

Harper Perennial to reissue Jetta Carleton’s “The Moonflower Vine” in 2009

8th July 2008

Michael Frayn’s “Sweet Dreams” on OneBook

7th July 2008

The Prophets of Israel, by Edith Hamilton

29th June 2008

One Neglected Writer on Another: Stefan Zweig, Great European, by Jules Romains

28th June 2008

An Interview with John Seaton, editor of Faber Finds

25th June 2008

SUNY Press added to Publishers List

19th June 2008

Lee Sandlin on “Ten Novels That Not Enough People Have Read”

17th June 2008

Mortal Leap, by MacDonald Harris

15th June 2008

John Banville on “the Simenons”, from the L. A. Weekly

14th June 2008

Al Young’s Musical Memoirs

4th June 2008

Ramsay Wood recommends a Neglected Writer: George Borrow

20th May 2008

New from NYRB Classics: First English translation of Stefan Zweig novel

20th May 2008

The Village Voice polls writers on favorite obscure books

16th May 2008

“Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day” brings Neglected Writer Winifred Watson to Screen

12th May 2008

Faber Finds: a Major Neglected Books Series Launches

9th May 2008

Sincerely, Willis Wayde, by John P. Marquand

1st May 2008

Small World, by Carol Deschere

30th April 2008

The Invisible Flag, by Peter Bamm

27th April 2008

Six Lives and a Book, by Claude Houghton

18th April 2008

The Shadow Riders, by Isabel Paterson

24th March 2008

Fortune is a Woman, by Hermes Nye

24th March 2008

Catching Up: The Dogs by Ivan Nazhivin; Mary’s Country, by Harold Mead; My Hey-Day, by Virginia Faulkner

24th February 2008