The Stone Reader

In his 2002 documentary, Mark Moskowitz “The Stone Reader” follows his quest to find Dow Mossman, author of a long out-of-print book, The Stones of Summer. Years after first buying a copy of the novel, Moskowitz reads it and is stunned to find that Mossman has vanished without a trace. With a passion that puts that behind this site to shame, he pursues the fate of Mossman–and other writers, like Marcus Goodrich, who suffered from massive writer’s blocks or faded into obscurity without notice. In what is certainly cinema’s most book-rich film, numerous titles are mentions, including dozens of other neglected books like The Stones of Summer.

Moskowitz started The Lost Books Club even before the film was released, but that effort has stalled somewhat after bringing Janet Hobhouse’s The Furies to print via the New York Review of Books Classics series and, of course, The Stones of Summer via Barnes and Noble.


A Fan’ Notes, Frederick Exley

Ancient History: A Paraphase, Joseph McElroy

The Blindfold, Siri Hustvedt

Call It Sleep, Henry Roth

China Wind, Dan Guenther

The Darkened Sky, John Frederick

Delilah, Marcus Goodrich

The Fan Man, William Kotzwinkle

The Fifth Season, Robert C.S. Downs

Five Seasons, A. Yehoshua

Fourth Mansions, R.A. Lafferty

Fremont, Ferol Egan

The Furies, Janet Hobhouse

The Kid, John Seelye

The Man Who Cried I Am, John A. Williams

Michael Joe, William Cotter Murray

Molly Companion, Maura Stanton

Mr. Roberts, Thomas Heggen

My Uncle Dudley, Wright Morris

Northern Borders, Howard Mosher

Picasso and Dora, James Lord

Point of No Return, John Marquand

Raintree County, Ross Lockridge

The Recognitions, William Gaddis

Red Dirt Marijuana, Terry Southern

The Stones of Summer, Dow Mossman

The Territory Ahead, Wright Morris

The True Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, John Seelye

The View from Pompey’s Head , Hamilton Basso

Unstrung Heroes, Franz Lidz

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