Excerpts from the texts of selected Neglected Books.

A bucolic romance, from As I Remember Him, by Hans Zinsser

5th July 2010

A Game of Ping Pong, from The Second Miracle by Peter Greave

28th July 2013

A humble introduction, from Freedom in a Rocking Boat, by Geoffrey Vickers

12th December 2009

A network of roads, from Jew Süss, by Lion Feuchtwanger

5th July 2006

A Sleepless Summer Night in Bordeaux, from The Journal of Mary Hervey Russell, by Storm Jameson (1945)

16th May 2015

After the accident, from The Descent, by Fritz Peters

18th July 2006

Around the Campfire, from The Starched Blue Sky of Spain, by Josephine Herbst (1991)

15th May 2015

Aunt Bébé and the Count, from Aston Kings, by Humphrey Pakington

7th April 2013

Biff Jordan gets into the movies, from The Late Risers, by Bernard Wolfe

27th July 2006

Charley’s death, from Charley Smith’s Girl, by Helen Bevington

22nd February 2013

Contemplating Heaven and Hell, from Adventures of an Ordinary Mind, by Lesley Conger (1963)

10th May 2015

Cousin Bettina, from The Dwelling Place, by Anne Goodwin Winslow

25th February 2014

Cousin Georgia who was beautiful …, from Along Came a Witch, by Helen Bevington (1976)

20th January 2015

Dinner Party at Sea, from Flamingo, by Mary Borden

27th February 2015

Everybody has to burn his own hand, from The Impenitent Midge, by Vladimir Krymov

2nd October 2012

French Ecclesiastical Society under the Ancien Régime, by John McManners

3rd July 2006

Improving the Dictionary, from Personal Pleasures, by Rose Macaulay

6th February 2015

In the decade of your youth, from Un-American Activities, by Sally Belfrage (1991)

11th August 2015

Innumerable shades of sweetness and anguish, from Not Under Forty, by Willa Cather

2nd August 2015

James Agate on Emil Ludwig’s Beethoven: The Life of a Conqueror

3rd June 2012

Lady with a Pretzel, from Celibate at Twilight, by John Mosher (1940)

30th July 2014

Largo by the Sea (A Prologue), from Varmints, by Peggy Bennett (1947)

15th August 2014

My Mother’s Hands, from Journey Around My Room, by Louise Bogan

16th July 2015

New discoveries in this foreign country of illness, from You Still Have Your Head, by Franz Schoenberner

23rd March 2013

On Doing What One Likes, from On Doing What One Likes, by Alec Waugh

2nd June 2013

On the beach at Cark, from Broken Images: A Journal, by John Guest

25th March 2014

Out! damn crumbs, from Notes from Sick Rooms, by Mrs. Leslie Stephen (1883)

11th February 2015

Read anything, from Post meridiana: Afternoon Essays, by Sir Herbert Maxwell (1895)

8th May 2014

Recommendations from Matthew Neill Null: Andre Malraux, Mark Costello, and Henry C. Kittredge

12th June 2013

Resurrecting Lost Words, from The Simmons Papers, by Philipp Blom

5th March 2014

Sharing the Rice-Mash, from A Dragon Apparent, by Norman Lewis

2nd August 2006

Shut Up and Eat Your Squab, from Double Exposure, by Gloria Vanderbilt and Thelma, Lady Furness

24th April 2015

Snow in London, from A Half of Two Lives, by Alison Waley

18th March 2015

Suicides, from Living Again: An Autobiography, by Felix Riesenberg

10th November 2012

The Blackstone Hotel, from Appendix A, by Hayden Carruth

11th February 2014

The Brigadier General Bar, from Naked Morning, by R. V. Cassill

9th April 2014

The death of Scarponi, from The Death of the Detective, by Mark Smith

5th July 2006

The distant past, from The Heart to Artemis: A Writer’s Memoirs, by Bryher

14th March 2010

The Fortress by the Sea, from Gog, by Giovanni Papini

29th March 2014

The General Is Older Than the Capital, from Reveille in Washington, by Margaret Leech

19th December 2006

The hour before execution, from Arrow to the Heart, by Albrecht Goes

10th July 2006

The names of the cars had thrilled him, from Cousin to Human, by Jane Mayhall

2nd May 2015

The Passing of Pengelley, from Blow the Man Down! A Yankee Seaman’s Adventures Under Sail, by James H. Williams

22nd May 2013

The Piano Box, from Hide and Seek, by Jessamyn West

30th May 2015

The Spirit of the Bayonet, from The Short-Timers, by Gustav Hasford

3rd September 2014

The Tragic Fate of Squirrel Flotillas, from Oliver Goldsmith’s A History of the Earth, and Animated Nature

10th July 2011

The Universal Exhibition of 1867, from Money, by Emile Zola

5th July 2006

This Was a Man: Some Memories of Robert Mannin, by Ethel Mannin (1952)

19th August 2015

Uncertainty is the prerequisite to gaining knowledge, from The Prophets of Israel, by Edith Hamilton

10th January 2007

Venice, California, 1950s, from The Slide Area by Gavin Lambert

18th July 2014