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Found in an ex-Library: “The Pomp of Power” by Anonymous

13th December 2007

The Reader Online on “the most underrated novel in English”

13th December 2007

A Matter of Life and Death, by Virgilia Peterson

12th December 2007

An Appreciation of “The Fortunes of Richard Mahony,” by Henry Handel Richardson

9th December 2007

Doug Anderson Recommends Some Neglected Titles

9th December 2007

Clutch and Differential (AKA Highway Episode), by George Weller

4th November 2007

Isabel Paterson’s End Note to “The Golden Vanity”

21st October 2007

“Bison Frontiers of Imagination” reissues from the University of Nebraska Press

18th October 2007

The Outmoded Authors Reading Challenge

18th October 2007

I am Jonathan Scrivener, by Claude Houghton

15th October 2007 on Neglected Author Francis Iles

12th October 2007

“Who is Harry Sylvester?” from First Things

10th October 2007

Twenty Suggestions from Will Schofield

7th October 2007

The Golden Vanity, by Isabel Paterson

30th September 2007

Paul Dry Books added to Publishers page

26th September 2007

The Peabody Sisters of Salem, by Louise Hall Tharp

22nd September 2007

Which forgotten novel do you love?, from the Guardian Unlimited

16th September 2007

“How did we miss these?”, from the Observer

16th September 2007

An Introduction to General Systems Thinking, Gerald Weinberg

2nd September 2007

On “The Last Puritan”, by George Santayana, from the Financial Times

27th August 2007

In the Mill, by John Masefield

26th August 2007

Save These Books!, from

24th August 2007

The Time of the Assassins, by Godfrey Blunden

23rd August 2007

Caroline Slade

15th August 2007

Pull Devil, Pull Baker, by Stella Benson and Count Nicolas de Toulouse Lautrec De Savine

12th August 2007

The Story of a Life, Konstantin Paustovsky

11th July 2007

Lost Literary Classics, from “Talk of the Nation” on NPR

17th June 2007

Antioch Review’s Neglected Books Contest

17th June 2007

Classics of the Future, by Alan Cheuse

16th June 2007

“Breakthrough” Neglected Books, from Lingua Franca magazine

11th June 2007

And Gladly Teach, by Bliss Perry

10th June 2007

“Their Back Pages”: Forgotten books by famous authors, from the Village Voice

5th June 2007

Inside, Looking Out, by Harding Lemay

3rd June 2007

“The Coast of Utopia” and The Romantic Exiles

27th May 2007

“Lost Books” from Nextbook Magazine

20th May 2007

Reading California Fiction

28th April 2007

Thomas Rogers, 1927-2007

26th April 2007

Never Ask the End, by Isabel Paterson

22nd April 2007

Larry McMurtry recommends some Lost Novels

3rd April 2007

“Good Old Books”, from the National Review, 23 December 1996

2nd April 2007

Tom Fool, by David Stacton

1st April 2007

Driftwood from “The Sustaining Stream”

23rd March 2007

Two Reasons to Read Second-Rate Books

22nd February 2007

Six of Them, by Alfred Neumann

18th February 2007

“Reputations revisited” from the TLS’s 75th anniversary issue added to Sources

18th February 2007

The Long Walk of Samba Diouf, by Jerome and Jean Tharaud

11th February 2007

The True Detective, by Theodore Weesner

11th February 2007

Interview with Mark Moskowitz of “The Stone Reader” and the Lost Books Club

23rd January 2007

Smugging up on forgotten authors, from the Guardian Unlimited

21st January 2007

Northwestern University Press reissues The Death of the Detective, by Mark Smith

21st January 2007

The Winds from Nowhere

19th January 2007

James Guetti, 1937-2007

15th January 2007

H. L. Humes

15th January 2007

Uncertainty is the prerequisite to gaining knowledge, from The Prophets of Israel, by Edith Hamilton

10th January 2007

Everybody Slept Here, by Elliott Arnold

8th January 2007