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Season’s Greetings, by Herbert Clyde Lewis

28th December 2009

The Sun’s Attendant, by Charles Haldeman

13th December 2009

A humble introduction, from Freedom in a Rocking Boat, by Geoffrey Vickers

12th December 2009

Five Days (AKA Five Nights), by Eric Hatch

22nd November 2009

Reach to the Stars, by Calder Willingham

19th November 2009

Meg Rosoff recommends Sylvester Stein’s “Second-Class Taxi”

14th November 2009

“The Best Books You Haven’t Read,” from The American Conservative

14th November 2009

Books to Watch “Mad Men” By, Part 2

12th November 2009

Spring Offensive, by Herbert Clyde Lewis

1st November 2009

A few unusual items on John Cowper Powys’ List of 100 Best Novels

31st October 2009’s Most Wanted Out-of-Print Books of the Last Year

23rd October 2009

BBC Radio 4’s Neglected Classics Contest

21st October 2009

Transport, by Isa Glenn

18th October 2009

Books to Watch “Mad Men” By

13th October 2009

Suds in Your Eye, by Mary Lasswell

10th October 2009

Eight Recommendations from Sonesh Chainani

3rd October 2009

Remember When We Had a Doorman?, by Josephine Lawrence

20th September 2009

The Silver Dark, by Herbert Clyde Lewis

18th September 2009

The Gang’s All Here, by Harvey Smith

7th September 2009

The Snowman, by Charles Haldeman

2nd September 2009

Perdita, Get Lost, by Alan R. Jackson

31st August 2009

Barnes & Noble launches “Rediscovers” series devoted to out-of-print worthies

23rd August 2009

Robert Birnbaum Picks Some Recent Under-Appreciated Novels

18th August 2009

Isabel Paterson on “If It Prove Fair Weather”, from September 1939

16th August 2009

Bruce Allen recommends the work of François Mauriac

15th August 2009

The Seventh Gate, by Peter Greave

15th August 2009

Flamingo, by Mary Borden

12th August 2009

Ruminator Finds added to Sources

9th August 2009

Wettermark, by Elliott Chaze

9th August 2009

Short Drive, Sweet Chariot, by William Saroyan

7th August 2009

Black Squirrel Books added to Publishers Page

17th July 2009

The Late Great Creature, by Brock Brower

15th July 2009

Some Recommendations from Maura Kelly

12th July 2009

“Why Do Some Writers Disappear?” from the Wall St. Journal

4th July 2009

Gentleman Overboard by Herbert Clyde Lewis

1st July 2009

Jane Smiley on Jetta Carleton’s The Moonflower Vine (Video)

1st July 2009

Cheever’s Neglected Friends and Neighbors

30th June 2009

Honk if You Love Boise Hafter, by John Wallace

28th June 2009

Head Butler Serves Up Michael J. Arlen’s Exiles

4th June 2009

Just added to Sources: 100 Great American Novels You’ve (Probably) Never Read, by Karl Bridges

1st June 2009

What America Read: Taste, Class, and the Novel, 1920-1960, by Gordon Hutner

1st June 2009

The Rules of the Game, by Georges Simenon

24th May 2009

If It Prove Fair Weather, by Isabel Paterson

17th May 2009

Excellent new article on Jetta Carleton and The Moonflower Vine

14th May 2009

H. M. Pulham, Esquire, by John P. Marquand

14th May 2009

Robert Phelps featured in The American Scholar

28th April 2009

A Big Man, a Fast Man, by Benjamin Appel

22nd April 2009

Life in the Crystal Palace, by Alan Harrington

13th April 2009

Brooks Peters recommends The Gilded Hearse, by Charles Gorham

13th April 2009

1500 Books added to Publishers List

12th April 2009

The Man Who Lived Backward, by Malcolm Ross

11th April 2009

Making Institutions Work, by Geoffrey Vickers

15th March 2009

The Changing Face of New England, by Betty Flanders Thomson

9th March 2009

Joseph Epstein on I. J. Singer’s The Brothers Ashkenazi

8th March 2009

Sideman, by Osborn Duke

8th March 2009

Neglected Books gets a mention in Publishers Weekly

17th February 2009

This Is On Me, by Katharine Brush

17th February 2009

The Secret, by James Drought

4th February 2009

People in Cages, by Helen Ashton

25th January 2009

What Makes a Book “Neglected”?

19th January 2009

Wrinkles, by Charles Simmons

9th January 2009

“The Gospel at Colonus” now available on DVD

8th January 2009

Mine Enemy Grows Older, by Alexander King

4th January 2009

Robert Chandler recommends the works of Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky

4th January 2009

Cook’s Ingredients, from Reader’s Digest Home Handbooks

3rd January 2009