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Human Being, by Christopher Morley

28th December 2011

Diary of a Self-Made Convict, by Alfred Hassler

27th November 2011

Worth Remembering: Books by Some of My UW Professors

26th November 2011

The Widowmaker, by M. Fagyas

9th November 2011

Brown Face, Big Master, by Joyce Gladwell

6th November 2011

Fred Allen’s Letters

22nd October 2011

The Survivor, by Carl Marzani

16th October 2011

Fables by Modern Writers

11th September 2011

Recent Reader Recommendations

4th September 2011

Dictatorial Literature

28th August 2011

The Chosen Valley: the Story of a Pioneer Town, by Margaret Snyder

20th August 2011

The Whale and the Grasshopper and Other Fables, by Seumas O’Brien

16th August 2011

Harper Perennial to release lost Jetta Carleton novel, Clair de Lune, in March 2012

15th August 2011

Digging into the Popular Libary at the Montana Valley Book Store

14th August 2011

The Jester’s Reign, by Boyne Grainger

21st July 2011

Life of Campestris ulm, the Oldest Inhabitant of Boston Common, by Joseph Henry Curtis

19th July 2011

The Search for Good Sense, by F. L. Lucas

16th July 2011

Operators and Things: Barbara O’Brien’s classic memoir of schizophrenia–now in print AND online

14th July 2011

Second Reading, by Jonathan Yardley

13th July 2011

The Tragic Fate of Squirrel Flotillas, from Oliver Goldsmith’s A History of the Earth, and Animated Nature

10th July 2011

Take Today: The Executive as Dropout, by Marshall McLuhan and Barrington Nevitt

30th June 2011

Recent Recommendations

18th June 2011

Under Gemini, by Isabel Bolton

18th May 2011

Theodor Fontane

1st May 2011

The Fourth Horseman of Miami Beach, by Albert Halper

26th April 2011

Overlooked, by Maurice Baring

25th April 2011

From the Steeples and Mountains: A Study of Charles Ives, by David Wooldridge

16th April 2011

The Coin of Carthage, by Bryher

24th March 2011

Death and the Good Life, by Richard Hugo

20th March 2011

“The 10 Best Neglected Literary Classics,” from the Guardian

20th March 2011

The Violet Dots, by Michael Kernan

5th March 2011

Twin Beds, by Edward Salisbury Field

20th February 2011

Coming in July 2011: The Neversink Library

20th February 2011

New Source added: “Forgotten Authors,” from The Independent

13th February 2011

Thirteen Women, by Tiffany Thayer

13th February 2011

The Biography of a New York Hotel Scrub, by Ada Blum

29th January 2011

The Easter Egg Hunt, by Speed Lamkin

22nd January 2011

Little Pedlington and the Pedlingtonians, by John Poole

2nd January 2011