Neglected Titles from Tillie Olsen’s Women’s Studies Newsletter Reading Lists

8th February 2015

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Proposal for Scribner’s Library

17th October 2014

Jay Jennings recommends the works of Gilbert Rogin

3rd October 2014

Romer Wilson, Mexican Interlude, The Game

11th May 2014

Miles Gibson, Harold T. P. Hayes and other Reader Recommendations

17th November 2013

A Round-up of Reader Recommendations: Arthur Rex, The Rack and Lindsay Gutteridge’s shrunken trilogy

23rd June 2013

Recommendations from Matthew Neill Null: Andre Malraux, Mark Costello, and Henry C. Kittredge

12th June 2013

New page added to Sources: Recommendations from Phillip Routh (not Roth)

5th May 2013

Michele Slung recommends The Years That Were Fat: Peking 1933-1940, by George N. Kates

1st May 2013

Around the World with Reader Recommendations

18th November 2012

Joseph Weiner recommends Mary Lee Settle’s “O Beulah Land” Quintet

4th September 2012

“The Pearls of Publishing,” from the Saturday Review

21st June 2012

Recent Reader Recommendations

4th September 2011

Recent Recommendations

18th June 2011

A Collection of Reader Recommendations

30th October 2010

David Nix recommends B. H. Friedman’s “Yarborough”

4th July 2010

Brad Walker recommends two political comedies

15th June 2010

Meg Rosoff recommends Sylvester Stein’s “Second-Class Taxi”

14th November 2009

Eight Recommendations from Sonesh Chainani

3rd October 2009

Bruce Allen recommends the work of François Mauriac

15th August 2009

The Late Great Creature, by Brock Brower

15th July 2009

Some Recommendations from Maura Kelly

12th July 2009

Brooks Peters recommends The Gilded Hearse, by Charles Gorham

13th April 2009

The Changing Face of New England, by Betty Flanders Thomson

9th March 2009

Robert Chandler recommends the works of Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky

4th January 2009

D. G. Myers recommends Perry Miller’s “The Raven and the Whale”

20th December 2008

Two Recommendations from Kevin Michael Derby

8th December 2008

Jane White

22nd October 2008

The Horrors of Love, by Jean Dutuord

4th September 2008

Looking for reader recommendations: Great city novels

28th August 2008

Small World, by Carol Deschere

30th April 2008

An Appreciation of “The Fortunes of Richard Mahony,” by Henry Handel Richardson

9th December 2007

Doug Anderson Recommends Some Neglected Titles

9th December 2007

Twenty Suggestions from Will Schofield

7th October 2007

This Slavery, by Ethel Carnie Holdsworth

20th December 2006

Three Recommendations from Chris Kearin

20th December 2006

The World of the Thibaults, by Roger Martin du Gard

14th December 2006

John Baker recommends The Hole in the Wall, by Arthur Morrison

7th November 2006

JFK’s Favorite Books

3rd November 2006

Three Recommendations from Patrick Kurp

2nd November 2006

Nicaragua: Its People, Scenery, Monuments, Resources, Condition and Proposed Canal, by E. G. Squier

5th July 2006

A Contract with God, by Will Eisner

4th July 2006